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Cost effective Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitor System 

We sell both vehicle and multi purpose tracking systems ideal for monitoring or tracking vehicles, employee, kids, elderly and pets. track1

Our GPS trackers help individuals, organizations with easy, cost effective tracking and Fleet management. Our multi purpose tracker is ideal for Monitoring, tracking vehicles, elderly, staff and Kids. Our GPS-enabled tracking system reduce operating costs, optimize fleet resources, ensure cargo security, guarantee driver/passenger safety and monitor vehicle fuel consumption.

Our tracking system are dual-mode satellite-cellular capable tracking devices which merge cost-effective, high-data cellular messaging with reliable, uniform and low-cost satellite backup which give you endless possibilities for accurate geo tracking. With our tracker install in your vehicle, you can track your vehicle across Liberia and around the world.

Feature includes:

Auto-Tracking– Tracker auto sends position information at set time;

Voice Surveillance– Tracker transmit every sound, conversation around it;

Movement Alert- Tracker instantly alerts when it moves anywhere, at anytime;

Geo Fence- Tracker instantly alerts when if the tracker moves outside of predefined area;

Engine Shutdown- Tracker can immediately shut vehicle engine down if vehicle is being stolen;

Low Battery Alert- Tracker instantly sends low battery message when the tracker battery gets low-Multipurpose model only;

Fuel consumption- With fuel sensor attach to tracker, you can monitor fuel consumption in real-time.

Overspeed Alert- Tracker instantly alerts when the vehicle moves faster than a predefined speed.

Track on Demand- Call the tracker and it sends geo position information via SMS to the number you make call from.

SOS Alert- Tracker instantly sends SOS alert message on up to five predefined phone numbers until one of the numbers respond.

Additional Features and Functionalities;track4

You can add other accessories to the GPS tracker for additional features and functionalities;

Fuel Sensor- with a fuel sensor,  you will be able to track fuel consumption in real-time as you track the vehicle.

Temperature Sensor- Adding sensor include temperature information of the vehicle in the geo info when you track your vehicle.

Camera- installed camera on the tracker allow you to get photos along with geo info when your track your vehicle.


track5Our GPS Tracking Software features includes;

  • Real-time tracking to pinpoint the exact, current location of your vehicles, staff or kids.
  • Historical route detailing journeys already cover by your vehicles, staff or kids.
  • Engine Shutdown- Using software on your computer or mobile phone, you can immediately shut vehicle engine down if vehicle is being stolen.
  • Real-time notification via email/SMS when pre defined Geo-fence parameter is violated.
  • Movement reports that show you the locations from where your vehicles departed, where it arrived, time vehicle arrived, also shows how many stops vehicle made from point A to point B and also shows how many time vehicle been to such location.

Why Consider our GPS Tracking System?

Since 2012 we have help hundreds of vehicle owners from vehicle theft and misused  in Liberia;

We have setup cost effective Fleet Management Systems for a number companies in Liberia;

We provide prompt support to our clients in the event of emergency;

We are trusted by hundreds of customers both individuals and corporate clients.

Get your GPS tracker install today, contact us now: 0777651000


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  1. James Gibson
    James Gibson August 28, 2015 at 7:38 am .

    This is just what I wanted, this is the one stuff I always wanted for my vehicle. So far it work well every where my vehicle have gone so far (Across town-Monrovia, Paynesville, Clay-Ashland, Bentol and RIA). I will get another one for my Van once it get in.

  2. George Williams
    George Williams November 12, 2015 at 3:52 pm .

    Thanks for bringing this product to Liberia it is a big help in terms of security. my mechanic had a bed hobbit of run my car out of town at night. I trace and found him in duazon with 6 passengers in my car headed for Buchanan. your thanks for this tracker.

  3. Bedell Sandi
    Bedell Sandi January 29, 2016 at 6:03 pm .

    Good system, since we setup a GPS fleet management system; we are currently managing our fleet of 20 trucks across Liberia. It works in every county our trucks have gone so far.

    Efficient Logistic Service (ELS)

    1. Jalloh Mohammed
      Jalloh Mohammed June 8, 2016 at 1:52 pm .

      Hi Sir That GPS Tracker work all Part Of Liberia. We are sorry for the delay to your request. Thanks Sir ……

  4. Sam Tolbert
    Sam Tolbert February 24, 2016 at 8:10 pm .

    I will only give you boys three stars, because when I call for help you don’t answer right away! yes the system works but why you don’t give me the same help like you do for others, is it because I got only one car? Well I will only give you boys 3 stars which in my mind will mean not bad or not good.

    1. Jalloh Mohammed
      Jalloh Mohammed June 8, 2016 at 1:24 pm .

      We are sorry Sir. Thanks for the three stars….

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